Date:  Thursday February 09, 2023 (02/09/23)

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Thursday, February 9, 2023
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida


  1. Call to Order
    • Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Selection of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson 
  1. Approval of Minutes – December 8, 2022 
  1. Landlord Consent to Assignment of Lease Agreement Between the City of Leesburg, Blackbird Aviation Building, LLC, and Executive Global Transportation Services, Inc. 
  1. Project Update
    • Main Ramp Resurfacing
    • FY 2022 Hangar Design
    • Wildlife hazard Assessment
    • Fuel Farm Design
    • Taxiways Alpha & Delta Rehab Design
    • Veterans Road Infrastructure Design/Construction
  1. Airport Manager Update
    • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues
  1. New Business 
  1. Adjournment



Airport Advisory Board Minutes
February 9, 2023 5:30pm
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida


Attendance:                 Darel Craine 
                                            Marvin King 
                                            Bo Wroten

Call to Order

Vice-Chairman Bo Wroten called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

Vice-Chairman Wroten gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Since all members of the Board were not in attendance, the consensus of those present was to table this item until the next meeting.  Darel Craine made a motion to table item 2 until the March meeting.  Vice-Chairman Wroten seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from December 8, 2022

Vice-Chairman Wroten made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 8, 2022 meeting as presented.  Darel Craine seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Landlord Consent to Assignment of Lease Agreement Between the City of Leesburg, Blackbird Aviation Building, LLC, and Executive Global Transportation Services, Inc.

Airport Manager (AM) Tracey Dean said this is the hangar built by Hans Vosseler/Blackbird Aviation. The original lease started in 2013.  Within the last year a sublease was approved between Blackbird Aviation and Executive Global Transportation Services.  Mr. Wiley Graydon is here today representing Executive Global Transportation Services.  Included within that agreement was an option for Mr. Graydon to purchase the hangar as long as notice was given before February.  Mr. Graydon has chosen to exercise that option. 

The City must approve the transfer of the lease between these two parties. That is done through the Landlord Consent to Assignment of Lease Agreement that is before the Board today.  She noted that all terms of the original lease agreement will remain the same.  The initial term was 30 years, so there are about 20 years left on that agreement. 

Vice-Chairman Wroten asked if there is a renewal option in the agreement.  AM Dean said this particular agreement includes a first right of refusal to negotiate a new lease; it does not include an extension for a specific number of years.

Vice-Chairman Bo Wroten said he has no issues with this agreement.  He made a motion to recommend approval of the assignment.  Darel Craine seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

AM Dean advised Mr. Graydon that it will be on the February 27th City Commission agenda.

Project Update

Main Ramp Resurfacing:  Jack Thompson from GAI said the ramp resurfacing is complete.  They are waiting on a couple of lien releases before they process the final pay app.  At the end of the project there is a surplus of $210,686.  That came from some efficiencies in paving and decreases in material quantities.

Bart Brainerd from BHI said the area in front of Firehawk is falling apart and there are a lot of depressions.  The job supervisor marked a bunch of areas and told them it would be corrected but so far nothing has been done.  Jack Thompson said this is the first time he has been made aware of the problem.  He noted that we are still holding the retainage and something like this would also be covered by the warranty.  He asked Mr. Brainerd to send him any documentation he has on this issue.

FY 2022 Hangar Design:  Jack Thompson from GAI said this is the project to construct four hangar buildings next to the City t-hangars that are east of the Administration Building.  They are working on Phase I of that project which is the infrastructure – taxilanes, drainage, utility relocations, etc.  They hope to have this phase out to bid in March and will be seeking FDOT grant funds.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment:  Jack Thompson from GAI said this is a year-long process to determine what type of wildlife activity there is on the airfield.  They are about half way through.  They just received the first interim technical report.  As suspected, the main issue is hogs.  The report also includes a picture of a large bobcat.  They visit twice each month during the morning, afternoon and evening to make observations.  At the end of the year, they will issue a final report with recommendations to mitigate any issues found.  The next step after that is to develop a formal Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Plan.

AM Dean noted that since September there have been 29 hogs removed from airport property.  The most recent sitings were in the area of Bravo and Juliet.

Fuel Farm:  Jack Thompson from GAI said last month the decision to relocate the fuel farm was confirmed.  They have started the survey for the new site and following that will be the geo-tech.  After that they can start the design.  The FDOT grant amendment to cover the additional expense related to the new location is scheduled for the next City Commission agenda.  For the new members present, he explained that the first step on this project was to conduct a study to determine whether we should rehab the current fuel farm location or move it to the new location and build a new one.          

Taxiways Alpha & Delta Rehab Design:  This project is for the relocation of Alpha 2 and rehab of Delta, Alpha 1 and Alpha 3.  The application has been sent to the FAA requesting to use Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding for this project.  The FAA is starting to write grants for those funds so they hope to receive the agreement soon.  As soon as the grant is received, they can get started on the project.  He noted that Delta is in pretty bad shape.

Veterans Road Infrastructure Design/Construction:  The Task Order for this project has been issued.  The surveyors are on site.  The geo-tech should be started by the end of the month.  Once they have that data, they can start the design and get that out to bid as soon as possible. 

AM Dean noted that she received the executed lease agreement from Dr. Curry on January 9th.  He is working on getting the required performance bond and should have that soon.

Airport Manager Update

  • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues

She has no additional items.  She already mentioned that the Curry lease has been executed and Jack Thompson already noted that the Amendment to FDOT grant for the Fuel Farm is on the upcoming City Commission meeting. 

New Business

Marvin King asked where he can read what “stick” the airport has if something goes off track like with a design issue or a similar problem.  He would like to know the parameters we operate within for correcting something.  Vice-Chairman Wroten said AM Dean has contracts for various matters that include items such liquidated damages and warranties.   AM Dean said every contract is different based on the scope of the project.  She will be happy to provide him with copies so he can see the types of penalties that may come into play. 

Vice-Chairman Wroten asked the two new members of the Board to tell everyone a little bit about themselves. 

Darel Craine said he was named to this Board by Commissioner Connell.  He is a lifetime resident of Leesburg, having moved here when he was 3.  After high school he spent some time in the Navy.  After that he moved back to Leesburg and worked in the construction field.  He then went to work for the City of Leesburg where he spent 29 years before retiring.  He started in utilities and moved up to project management, budget, etc.

Marvin King said he is representing Commissioner Allyson Berry.  He was born and raised in Leesburg.  He graduated from Leesburg High School and Florida A&M University in the ROTC Program.  He spent 26 years in the Army and rose to the rank of colonel.  After that he worked for the Department of Homeland Security for 12 years, predominately in the field of hazard protection.  He also owned a paint and body shop business in Orange City for several years.  He sold that business and is now living in Eustis.


Vice-Chairman Bo Wroten moved to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Darel Craine and the meeting adjourned at 5:49pm.

Bo Wroten                                   

P. Hester