Seaplane Ramp and Dock

Project Status: In progress 
Overall Project Cost: 2.5 Million 
Phase: Construction
Engineer: AvCon, Inc. 

The seaplane ramp will serve to increase the Airport's capacity by allowing seaplanes which are not equipped to use land-based runways and taxiways to access the Airport's full range of aviation services. Also, it will allow the Airport to service amphibian aircraft whose pilots prefer water landings over hard-surface landings. The State of Florida is only second to the State of Alaska in terms of the number of seaplanes and seaplane-certified pilots that are registered within the state. The Leesburg International Airport’s proximity to the Metro Orlando area together with the availability of US Customs services on the airfield make it an ideal "gateway" for seaplane traffic to the Central Florida region.

Please check for NOTAMs and plan accordingly.

For additional information, please contact the Airport Manager.