When calculating permit fees, include 1.5% for FL Building Surcharge and 2.0% for FL Recovery Fund. These fees will be added to the permit cost for each permit type. If the 1.5% is less than $2.00, then the minimum of $2.00 will be added for each permit type. 

Minimum of Plan Review Fee due at submittal.
Remaining balance due at issuance of permit. 


Faxed applications are no longer accepted. However, depending on the scope of work you may be able to email in your permit application with supporting documentation or apply online.   Please contact Building Services at 352-728-9750 to confirm.

Only current application forms indicated the “6th Edition 2017 FBC” will be accepted.

Contractor required to submit documentation with Owner/Customer signature acknowledging work to be done.  Either a Notice of Commencement, Contract, or Invoice will suffice.   

Power of Attorney must be job
or area specific.   Power of Attorneys may be job/location specific or listed for “all permits within the City of Leesburg.” If listed as “all permits within the City of Leesburg” the POA will be remain on file until otherwise notified by the contractor of record.

Please review our Online Building Permit Application document before submitting an Online Building Application.  

*Required forms for online permit processing. 

 Asbestos Acknowledgement
 Building Fee Schedule  
 Building Permit App Check Sheet
 Building Permit Application   *
 Building Fire Safety Checklist
 Contractor Registration
 Drop-off Sheet - Revisions
 Fire Fee Schedule
 Fire Inspection Application
 FL Product Approval Spec Sheet  *
 Foundation Permit Only
 HVAC Certification Form   *
 Lake County Notice of Commencement * 
 Pre Power Form for Construction
 Pool & Spa Safety Barrier Form
 Power of Attorney   *
 Roof Form  *
 Roofing Affidavit 
 Subcontractor List
 Florida Energy Efficient Code
 Temporary CO Application
Residential Scope of Work
Commercial Scope of Work
Abandoned Residential Property


Download the free Adobe Reader in order to view the PDF documents.