Online Building Permit Application Instructions


Please pull the property record card from the Lake County Property Appraiser’s web site.  If the mileage group city reads "Leesburg", please proceed with the Online Application Process.  Any address that is "Unincorporated" will need to be processed through Lake County Building Services. All other properties will need to apply at designated municipality. 

If the address is Within City Limits, Proceed:

    • Each address requires a separate permit. For example, duplexes with (2) individual addresses or units will require one permit application per address. 
    • Triplexes and above are considered Commercial Permits.
    • We cannot accept Owner/Builder Permits online. Please visit our office at: 204 N. 5th Street, Leesburg, FL to apply for an Owner/Builder Permit. 
    • Subcontractors will need to be added to the permit upon arrival at the Building Department.  You may pre-fill out the subcontractor sheet and bring it with you or complete upon your arrival.  All contractors must have up to date license and insurance information to be able to submit an application online.  If this information is not up to date, please contact our office. 

To enhance your online processing experience, we have included access to the building forms that are required when submitting the below permits. Required Forms may be easily accessed.  
Please NOTE:  The following documents will need to be completed along with the online application.   The building permit will be issued and signed for in our office by the Contractor of Record or Power of Attorney at 204 N. 5th Street, Leesburg, FL.  Should you have any additional questions, please contact Building Services at 352-728-9750.

Required Forms are as follows:

     Roofing Permits Require: (both Commercial and Residential)     


      Commercial & Residential HVAC (Mechanical)

  • Building Permit Application
  • Unit location must be specified under the job description (i.e. wall mounted, roof top, outside slab.)
  • HVAC Certification Form
  • If Gas, provide documentation evidencing new and old BTU's.  If there is a change in BTU's, then a gas schematic is required.
  • If the Rooftop, provide documentation evidencing weight of the new and old units (this information is generally located within the Manufacturer's specifications)
  • AHRI
  • Property Record Card print off from the property appraiser site
  • Recorded Notice of Commencement if the job exceeds $7,500.00
  • Power of Attorney (if anyone other than the license holder is signing and picking up the permit)

     Commercial & Residential Hot Water Heater

     Commercial & Residential Windows & Doors (SIZE FOR SIZE ONLY)