Fire Inspection

The Leesburg Fire Department (LFD) is committed to the safety and security of our local consumers and businesses. Taking small, simple measures to ensure a safe environment can enhance the safety of employees and customers. The implementation of the Safety Inspection Program will help to accomplish this goal. The program meets the basic goals common to both LFD and the owner/manager. These goals include maintaining a reasonable level of fire and life safety while providing a minimum of business disruption. It also allows the City of Leesburg Building Department to focus inspection efforts on businesses or occupancies that pose a greater risk with regard to fire and life safety. This program provides an opportunity for LFD and the city business community to form a partnership in fire and life safety. In accordance with the Florida State Fire Code, the Leesburg Fire Department conducts routine fire inspections to mitigate any fire hazards in your business.

To request an annual fire inspection, please email Amanda Stevenson, Captain of Life Safety Services at