Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling

The following items are collected by the City of Leesburg for the recycling program:


Newspaper, Junk Mail, Magazines, Telephone books, Catalogues, Office Paper, Brown Paper, Plastic 


Bleach Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Bottles with neck (Numbers 1-7 located on the base of the container) 
*All bottles must be rinsed* 


Aluminum Cans, Aerosol Cans, Pie Pans & Steel Food Containers 


Food Boxes, Milk and Juice Cartons (cardboard) 
*Cardboard boxes must be flattened* 


Green, Clear, Brown Bottles & Jars 
*All glass must be rinsed* 

Please DO NOT include 

Plastic Bags, Plastic Wrap, Plastic Cups or Plates, Contaminated Food, Pizza Boxes, Paper Plates, Napkins, Food Trays, Toys, Cups, Paper towels or tissues, Polystyrene Cups, Needles, Medical Waste, Hoses

*** All items must be placed inside the recycling can ***