Customer Owned Lines

As your natural gas distributor, the City of Leesburg, in accordance with federal regulation CFR49 192.16(b), is by this notice making you aware of certain safety recommendations regarding your natural gas piping. 

The City of Leesburg operates our gas system with an emphasis on safety. We are required to design, operate, and maintain our underground pipeline system in accordance with prescribed federal safety standards. We do not maintain the gas piping downstream of the gas meter.  This includes but is not limited to, the pipe coming out of the meter and going into the house and pipe that runs along the house at ground level to a pool heater or grill.  This pipe is the responsibility of the customer who owns that piping. If the customer or home owner has buried pipe is not properly maintained, it may be subject to leakage and/or (if the piping is metallic) corrosion. 

To ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of these lines, the buried piping should be checked periodically for leaks and corrosion. You (or the building owner) are advised to contact a licensed plumber or heating contractor to assist you in locating, inspecting, and repairing your buried gas piping. If any unsafe condition is discovered, repairs should be made as soon as possible. Call (352) 728-9840 for more information.