Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) supports City operations through the application of effective and efficient computer and communications technology. The IT department provides computer and communications systems, application software development and support, business process engineering and related training coordination to internal City clients. These systems include mid-range computers, servers, workstations, personal computers, handheld PCs, networks, copiers, printers/plotters, telephones, pagers, and software.The IT department also troubleshoots and supports the City’s ISP infrastructure which includes all routers, servers, and fiber optic media converters.

Providing Solutions 

IT provides for City technology planning, continuous operation, and security of the City's mid-range computers, servers, and networks to include data center operations, ensuring acceptable response time, adequate data storage capacity, appropriate level of security, and sufficient backup systems for disaster recovery, supports voice and data telecommunication technology, maintains the City's presence on the Internet so that citizens, businesses and other interested parties have on-line access to information about the City of Leesburg. The IT department is also responsible for design, development and modification of custom applications, such as financial reporting, revenue collection, payroll, personnel records, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and pension.