Historic Preservation

The City of Leesburg takes great pride in our history and the character of its historic structures. To this end, the voters approved a Historic District in May 2003 that covers over 300 parcels of land.

The historic district for the City of Leesburg encompasses the City's downtown retail core and adjacent residential areas. From the corner of Perkins and Main Street, the district boundary lies north along Perkins Street, turns east on Line Street, then moves along the abandoned railroad right of way to Canal Street. It historic mapthen turns south on Canal, east on Cleveland, andHistoric District south along Kaolin. Heading west along Magnolia Street, the boundary line next turns south back along Canal Street to the abandoned railroad right of way, and finally north on Euclid back to Main Street.

Centering on Main Street, the district consists of 105 acres with total perimeter of just less than two miles. The district contains over 300 separate parcels of land, and includes a high percentage of structures more than 50 years old. Among these structures are architectural styles representing numerous designs constructed in Leesburg from the early years of the town's history to the mid 20th century. Frame and Masonry Vernacular, Victorian, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Colonial Revival and others are all represented structures that contribute to the history and architectural character of the area. A number of parcels in the proposed district are home to live oak trees in excess of 100 years old. In summary, the proposed Downtown Historic District contains numerous houses and commercial buildings and structures that carry a wealth of history and heritage for the future of Leesburg.

2019 Historic Preservation Meeting Schedule

Historic Preservation Board
John O' Kelley, Chair
Sanna Henderson, Vice Chair
Paige Chassie
Guy Ross
Joyce Hughes
J. Skellie Morris