Code Enforcement

Citizen Access
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The Code Enforcement Section works diligently with property owners to bring unkempt/abandoned properties into compliance with City codes. Corrective action is generally taken to address many violations, with the hopes of obtaining full compliance. More serious cases are often brought before the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate for public hearings.

The section works to reduce expenses associated with each case processed. Not only have our efforts saved time and money, but also preserved and strengthened community relationships.

Code enforcement is a very effective tool for law enforcement to help maintain urban environments in a well-ordered condition, preventing vandalism and crime. Our goal is to help property owners correct issues before they become unmanageable. 

CODE ENFORCEMENT2Code enforcement violations may be reported by calling (352) 728-9892.

Violations requiring immediate attention may be reported by calling the communications center at (352) 787-2121