Department Patch

Police Patch Request - The Leesburg Police Department receives a large number of requests for our department's police patch. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to fulfill these requests.

History of the current department patch
Soon after the recently hired Police Chief James B. Brown, Jr. took office in 1983, he replaced the Leesburg Police Department patch.  The newly designed patch would replace the current, which included the phrase “Leesburg…Where Big Bass Bite” with a picture of a largemouth bass.

Russian immigrant, Vladimir A. Chalyy, designed the new patch at the request of then Police Chief James Brown.  Chalyy illustrated Brown’s concept of the new patch that features eagles’ wings, a shield, and the state of Florida.  “The shape of the patch is symbolic of the shield of Knight Errant during the times of the high sheriff.  Blue also symbolizes the blue knight or new centurion.  The centurion was the controller in the Roman armies that coordinated troop movements.  The wings of the eagle symbolize what eagles are all about, the star symbolizes the chief law enforcement officer of the county, the sheriff.  Most importantly is the helmet of the new centurion, which is the police officer himself who is man with no face.  The emotion is completely hidden.  When he cries, he cries inside.”

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