Facilities & Parks

The City of Leesburg Recreation Department has several facilities available for the community, from the Cultural Arts Building to the Sleepy Hollow Fields. The variety of facilities allows for parties, meetings and sporting events. The City provides several sites and facilities throughout the city for both active and passive recreational activities.

Berry Park
2121 Johns Avenue 
Leesburg, FL 34748

Berry Park is a family park with a 1/4 mile walking path, water fountain, playground and covered picnic areas.

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Canal Street Field
420 Canal Street

Leesburg, Florida 34748

Babe Ruth size baseball field with lights and 275' fences; also includes an outdoor basketball court.


Corrine Williams Park 
2141 Woodland Blvd.

Leesburg, FL 34748

This neighborhood park has youth playground equipment and basketball courts. This park was named in honor of Corrine Williams, who has worked for the betterment of Leesburg for many years.

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Veterans Memorial Park
600 W. Meadow Street

Leesburg, FL 34748

This park includes a small "Tot Lot," covered areas, memorial seating celebrating the US military and a lighted walking path meandering around the lake.

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1851 Griffin Road
Leesburg, FL 34748

The Leesburg Recreational Complex is located on an 11-acre site at 1851 Griffin Road, and is the home of the Recreation offices. This facility includes two regulation basketball and/or volleyball courts, restrooms, parking lot, playground as well as an outdoor basketball court.

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Henderson Park @ Beverly Shores 
810 North Shore Drive 
Leesburg, Florida 34748

A passive waterfront park with ample shoreline fishing, benches, beautiful Lake Griffin views and playground complete with climbing apparatus, slides and swings.

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H O Dabney Swimming Pool
1111 Beecher Street

Leesburg, Florida 34748

Swimming pool, bathhouse, 2 full size water basketball courts, 2 enclosed slides, picnic area. Swim lessons are offered every summer, culminating in the annual Dabney Water Show. This complex was named in honor of Coach Hubert O. Dabney.

Acreage     Picnic Tables     Restrooms
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John L. Johnson Park
205 Mills Street

Leesburg, FL 34748

Playground equipment, picnic tables and two basketball courts, located at the corner of Mills and 441. The park was named in honor of prominent local educator, John Leslie Johnson.

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Lake Williams & Lake Mary Park
211 South 15th Street
Leesburg, FL 34748

Two (2) lakes and walking park.


Cultural Arts Building
201 E. Dixie Ave.

Leesburg, FL 34748

Banquet, reception and meeting facilities.  For reservation information including availability and fees please call 728-9898.

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Leesburg Dog Park
9745 Silver Lake Drive 

Leesburg, FL 34788

Parking lot, rinse station, water stations, shade structures with picnic tables, doggie fire hydrants, separate areas for large and small dogs.

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Leesburg Historical Museum

111 South 6th Street 
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Now is a good time to visit the Leesburg Historical Museum, conveniently located at 111 S. 6th Street.  We have 150+ years of history on display.  The museum is open Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4pm. To contact the Leesburg Heritage Society please call 352-315-1800.

Monkey Island
Lake Harris Near Venetian Cove
Leesburg, FL 34748

Located off of Venetian Gardens in Lake Harris.  Small Island with a picnic shelter.  Accessible by water only.

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Mote-Morris House
1195 West Magnolia Street 
Leesburg, FL 34748

Gazebo and fantastic landscaping (rental - available for weddings, public meetings, receptions), parking, free public tours. For rental availability and fees please call the City Chambers of Commerce at 787-2131.

Acreage     Pavilions     Restrooms
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Palmetto Street Complex
310 S. Palmetto Street 

Leesburg, FL 34748

There are four tennis courts and twenty-four shuffleboard courts.  This Complex is located at 310 S.Palmetto Street.

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Pat Thomas Stadium
240 Ball Park Road 

Leesburg, FL 34748

Regulation baseball field with stadium seating for approx. 1500.  Home of the Leesburg Lightning and Leesburg High School. For availability and fees please call 352-728-9885.  Located in Venetian Gardens.

Picnic Tables     Restrooms
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Rogers Park

610 South 9th Street
Leesburg, FL 34748

Newly renovated Rogers Park features Kids Korner Playground and the Rogers Park Splash Pad. The playground and splash pad at Rogers Park encourage active play. Features of the ADA-compliant playground include a sensory garden, a wide variety of climbing apparatuses and a merry-go-all that includes seating for individuals with and without disabilities. There are several new swings, including Zero G swings designed to accommodate children with disabilities and the very popular “generation swing” which allows a parent and their child to enjoy swinging in tandem. The park’s most popular feature is a 75-foot zip line that carries a seated rider from one side of the park to the other. The park is surrounded by benches and plenty of shade as the City incorporated many of the large existing oak trees into the park’s design to take advantage of the natural shade that they provide.

The adjacent splash pad is a state-of-the-art water attraction with 20 different play features. Get drenched by the mega soaker. Cool off with assorted spray tunnels, a blooming spinner, a fun-brella, a mix of open flow puddles, a confetti sprayer and much more.

The splash pad covers a 2100 square foot wet play area which is padded by a colorful slip resistant LifeFloor surface. When its break time from the water action, relax underneath the shaded structure or at one of the many shaded park benches.

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Rogers Park Building
610 South 9th Street 
Leesburg, FL 34748

Splash Pad and Playground with pavilion areas on 9th Avenue, next to the Women's Club. The Rogers Park building may be reserved through the Recreation Department by calling 728-9885. This facility includes a refrigerator, bathrooms, & 8 round tables with chairs that will hold up to 80 adults.

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Ski Beach

201 E. Lake Harris Drive
Leesburg, FL 34748

Has sand volleyball courts, restrooms, rentable pavilions, lakefront walking trails, boat ramps, sand beach, and boat dockage.  Ski Beach is within Venetian Gardens and can be accessed through walking trails and islands.

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Sleepy Hollow Recreation Complex
2775 Hollow Lane 
Leesburg, FL 34748

4 adult softball fields, 2 Babe Ruth baseball fields, 2 girls fast pitch softball fields, 2 soccer/football fields, concession stand, covered picnic area, and toddler playground.

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Susan Street Recreation Complex
940 Susan Street 
Leesburg, FL 34748

It includes four tennis courts, four outdoor racquetball courts, four little league fields, four batting cages, a football field, and a picnic area.

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Towne Square Park
510 W. Main Street 

Leesburg, FL 34748

Water fountain, walking trail and beautiful foilage. Located on Main Street in front of City Hall, this new park was created as part of the Downtown Leesburg Streetscape Project. Many downtown concerts and events use this park as a focal point.


Venetian Center
1 Dozier Court
Leesburg, FL 34748

Banquet, reception and meeting facilities. For reservation information including availability and fees please call 728-9898.

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Venetian Cove Marina
250 Ball Park Road 

Leesburg, FL 34748

Boat slips, dry storage, access to Lake Harris. Venetian Cove Marina is a one-stop service zone complete with boat storage areas, fuel, rest rooms, and supplies. The Marina's boating supply and merchandise sales area is located in the Dock Master Building. The storage rates are very reasonable for the 147 slip dry storage area and the 44 wet boat slips which are leased on a monthly contracted basis. Trailer storage is also available. Contact: 728-9870.

Picnic Tables     BBQ Grills     Restrooms
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Venetian Gardens
109 E. Dixie Avenue

Leesburg, FL 34748

Gazebo (rental - available for weddings), 7 islands with fantastic landscaping, Ski Beach which connects through walking trails and islands, parking, Rogers Park and Pat Thomas Stadium.

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Magnolia Trail
1195 West Magnolia Street                                  
Leesburg, FL 34748

Parallel with Magnolia St. between Palmetto St. and the Mote-Morris House. Designed for walkers & bikers, lined with benches & outdoor exercise equipment, 7/10 of a mile long.

Venetian Gardens Trail
201 E Dixie Avenue
Leesburg, FL 34748

2 Acres of hiking and biking trail that runs parallel with Canal Street between Dixie/44 and US Hwy 441.

Tavares-Leesburg Trail
Starts in Downtown Tavares and Ends at Via Port Mall.
3.5 miles of paved pathways from US Highway 27 toward the Sumter County line.

Gardenia Trail
3 miles, running north from downtown Leesburg and west to U.S. Highway 27-441, connecting to Leesburg-Wildwood Trail up to the Fruitland Park border.

Leesburg-Wildwood Trail
378-398 N Canal Street
Leesburg, FL 34748

Leesburg-Wildwood Trail connects with U.S. 27, where Fountain Lake Trail runs east to Canal Street downtown and connects to the existing Venetian Trail, which runs half a mile along Canal Street from Dixie Avenue to U.S. Highway 441.

                                                                                                                                                Leesburg Trails Map  

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Herlong Park
700 East North Blvd. 
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Picnic area, public pier, boat ramp to Lake Griffin. This park was dedicated in 1975 to local citizens Albert Sydney and Cora K. Herlong. On the east and west sides of the park are canals which connect to Lake Griffin. It covers 2.5 miles and has amenities such as Pavilions, Picnic Tables, Water Taps and BBQ Grills.

Singletary Park 
1902 South 14th Street 
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Public pier, parking facility, and boat ramp access to Lake Harris. It covers 1.5 miles of land.

Venetian Cove Boat Ramp

109 E. Dixie Avenue 
Leesburg, FL 34748 

Image of the Facility Rental Rates

Reservations for any facility require a Facility Rental Application  / Sports Rental Application and may be submitted to: 

Leesburg Recreation Complex 
1851 Griffin Road ~ Leesburg, FL 34748 
Telephone: 352.728.9885 ~ Fax: 352.326.6625 
Email: Recreation Department  

Forms of Payment: 
payment methods
Cash - Check - Credit