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Venetian Cove Marina is a full service Marina located in Venetian Cove just off beautiful Lake Harris. We allow customers to have the convenience of having their boat in the water ready to go when you are. This will take away you having to deal with congested ramps, trailering your boat, launching and re-loading
your boat or parking issues. Our friendly staff provides customers and visitors with top notch customer service. The Venetian Cove Marina is owned and operated by the City of Leesburg. 

Marina Hours

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Open 7 days a week excluding Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Easter Sunday.


BBQ Grills   •   Boat Wash Rack   •   Electric on Wet docks   •   Ice Sales   •   Kayak & Canoe Rentals 

Lake Map Sales   •   Picnic Tables   •   Restrooms   •   Snack & Beverage Sales   •   Oil Sales 

Water Taps   •   Onsite full-service boat maintenance and repair shop   •   Non-Ethanol Fuel Sale

Storage Services & Rates

Marina Wait List Form

Length for boats are based off of the boats measurement from bow to transom. This length does not include engines.

Dry Storage

Our Dry storage can accommodate boats 16’ to 24’ with 8.6’ beams or less. Dry Storage allows you to plan ahead and schedule a time that you wish to take your boat out. The Marina staff will have your boat in the water and even gassed up, if you desire, when you arrive. When you return to the marina the boat will be put back into its own dry storage rack out of the water. All launches are covered by your monthly payments. You can also schedule your boat to be put on the wash rack for easy access.

          We have several different rates which are charged monthly for our Dry storage:

                    • Leesburg Resident (yearly agreement) - $7.68 per foot 
                    • Non-Resident of Leesburg (yearly agreement) - $8.06 per foot   
                    • Short term Dry storage (3 – 6 months) - $8.77 per foot  

An additional charge of $78.75 will be added for boats in excess of 8 foot beams. (Per month) 

Marina Dry Storage Images

Image of boats in the dry storage          Image of boats in dry storage

Dry Slip Storage Conversion Chart

Dry Slips          Resident Rate          Non-Residental Rate          Commercial Rate

16'                  $122.88                       $128.96                           $135.36  
17'                  $130.56                       $137.02                           $143.82   
18'                    $138.24                       $145.08                          $152.28  
 19'                    $145.92                       $153.14                           $160.74  
20'                   $153.60                       $161.20                           $169.20
21'                   $161.28                       $169.26                           $177.66
22'                    $168.96                       $177.32                           $186.12
    23'                    $176.64                       $185.38                           $194.58    
      24'                    $184.32                       $193.44                           $203.04     

*Tax not included

Wet Storage

The wet storage is our most convenient way to store your boat. You have 24/7 access to use your boat at any time.   
                    • Leesburg Resident (yearly agreement) - $7.19 per foot 
                    • Non Resident of Leesburg (yearly agreement) - $7.55 per foot   
                    • Transient Wet (Daily) - $42 per day for boats less than 40 feet in length 
                                                             - $68.25 per day for boats longer than 40 feet

Wet storage with electric will be charged an additional $4.90 per month

Marina Wet Slip Images

Image at the Marina of boats on the dock          Image at the Marina of boats on the dock
 Image at the Marina of boats on the dock          Image at the Marina of boats on the dock
 Image at the Marina of boats on the dock          Image at the Marina of a boat on the dock

Wet Slip Storage Conversion Chart 

*Rates do not include taxes

Wet Slips          Resident Rate          Non-Residential Rate          Commercial Rate

  20'                      $143.80                       $151.00                        $158.60        
 21'                     $150.99                       $158.55                         $166.53       
22'                     $158.18                        $166.10                         $174.46      
23'                     $165.37                        $173.65                         $182.39     
    24'                     $172.56                        $181.20                         $190.32          
     25'                     $179.75                          $188.75                        $198.25           
       26'                      $186.94                          $196.30                        $206.18            
 27'                      $194.13                          $203.85                        $214.11      
28'                      $201.32                          $211.40                        $222.04      
29'                      $208.51                          $218.95                        $229.97     

Trailer Storage

If you are storing your boat with us you can also store your trailer on site.

 All Trailers  - $26.25 per month

Canoe & Kayak Rentals 

 Rental per paddler $5.00 per day 
Lifejacket rental $2.00 per day 
Center passenger FREE 

*Rentals are available from 9:00am – 4:00pm excluding Holidays 

•All rates are pre-tax rates•

 Image of Marina Drydock


Venetian Cove Marina is south of Dixie Avenue (SR 44) at the Canal Street intersection in Venetian Gardens Park. When you turn into the park on Canal, take the first left which is Ball Park Road, and follow it behind Pat Thomas Stadium.

Image of Clean Marina Logo                   Clean Boatyard Logo

Venetian Cove Marina is proud to be designated as a Clean Marina and Clean Boatyard by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Venetian Cove Marina 

250 Ball Park Road  
Leesburg, FL 34748 

(352) 728-9870