Meter Box Maintenance

Meter Box Maintenance

Providing the best service begins with safe access to your water meter.

Leaks, burst pipes, and other water emergencies can become disastrous when a meter box is not accessible. A clearly visible meter shortens the time needed for a Utility Technician to assist and act quickly, especially for residents who aren’t home.

Ensuring the Meter Readers Have Safe Access

  1. Locate the Meter
  2. A direct path to your meter is needed that’s free of obstructions, overgrown grass, bushes, garden boxes, or other structures.
  3. Make sure your pets are secured and cannot get loose. Keeping pets safely inside protects them and our Meter Readers.
  4. If your meter is located within a locked area of your yard, contact us to learn about providing access while maintaining security for your property. By law, meter boxes must be accessible at all times.

How do I find my water meter?

Most water meters are located in the front yard, near the street or sidewalk, in a box. Remove the box lid and flip up the meter cap to expose the meter face. If it has been awhile, the meter may be under a good amount of dirt. Most meter faces have a flow indicator (small, red or black in color, triangular or snowflake in shape). If there is no water being used, the flow indicator should be totally still. If the flow indicator is turning, then water is being used in the home or on the property.