Educational Opportunities


Upcoming Events 
 February 4, 2019 at 2:00pm
 Leesburg Public Library

 Join Rachel Kay for a presentation on water conservation and the
 water crisis in Florida.  The program will include exhibits, a
 PowerPoint and time for Q&A from the audience.  Come learn about
 our efforts to conserve Florida's water and how you can conserve this  
 precious resource in
and around your home.


We understand that our residents want to conserve water but may not know where to start.  Educational opportunities are available for all ages and in many different settings.

Opportunities include: 
          •  Providing water conservation information to your class or group
          •  Providing an exhibit for a local event
          •  Scheduling a tour at our treatment plant

Please contact our Water Conservation Coordinator for more information.

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Office: (352)435-9442 Ext 2327