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Leesburg Downtown Historic District FAQ:
What makes this a Historic District?

The State of Florida determines that any structure over fifty (50) years old is historic, and that 50% or more of the structures in a district must meet that requirement. Over 60% of the structures in the Leesburg Downtown Historic District are over 50 years old. The District provides a protected area for investment and allows for flexible building and development standards.

How will being in a Historic District affect property values?

A recent study conducted found that property in Historic Districts appreciated greater than target non-historic areas.

Who created the Design Guidelines?

The Design Guidelines were put together by a citizen task force and the Historic Preservation Board. They have been approved by the City Commission.

Will I have to fix up my house?

If the time comes that you choose to make changes, the Design Guidelines will help you make changes that will be best suited to the historic period of your home.

For residential properties, will the Design Guidelines control everything I do with my house?

No, the guidelines only affect the exterior portion of your house. The Design Guidelines DO NOT :

  • Control changes to the interior of a building
  • Regulate the color you paint your house
  • Regulate maintenance or repair work to prevent deterioration that does not require a building permit
  • Affect any changes that cannot be seen from the public street

What are typical activities that require staff review and possible review by Leesburg Historic Preservation Board?
  • New construction and/or additions to a historic building.
  • Major changes to or addition of door and window openings.
  • Demolition of all or part of a historic building.
  • Porch, porte-cochere, or garage enclosure.
  • Relocation of a historic building.
  • Roof replacement with material different from existing or change in form.
  • Storefront restoration or replacement.
  • Window replacement which does not match existing type windows.

What if I am denied?

If you are denied at the staff level, you may appeal to the Historic Preservation Board. If you are denied there, you may appeal to the City Commission.


Last updated: 1/14/2013 9:17:51 AM