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The City of Leesburg connects governments, schools, medical facilities and businesses throughout Lake County with the fastest and most reliable data transmission network available today. The fiber cablecommunications utility operates more than 300 linear miles of high-speed fiber-optic cable in a network that grows larger every year. 



Customers use our Metro Area Networking service and its underlying Ethernet technology to connect multiple sites to each other.  We combine a 10 gigabit per second backbone with state-of-the-art, carrier-class switching equipment in providing customer connectivity at the right speed for the right price.



Customers use our Dedicated Internet bandwidth to ensure that their mission-critical applications remain online and accessible twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Fiber transmission is fast and reliable, providing cost effective connection to the Internet for businesses of all sizes.



 Customer Hotline:

 (352) 435-9463

To find out more about Leesburg's Communications utility and how our fiber-optic network can benefit you, contact at (352) 728-9786, ext. 4322


How Does Fiber-Optic Cable Work?

Fiber optics transmit data by sending pulses of light through a thin optical fiber, which is smaller in diameter and weighs less than a standard coaxial cable used by cable television providers. This means the fiber can send large amounts of information over greater distances, and at much faster speeds. Also, the fiber-optic cables are less prone to interference, which means more reliable service for customers. 

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