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It is the Mission of the Leesburg Fire Department to facilitate community life safety through prevention, education, mitigation of emergencies and disaster response. In addition, Leesburg Fire Department provides Advance Life Support, non-transport, to accomplish the mission.

It is the shared vision of the members of the Leesburg Fire Department to make the City of Leesburg a safer place in which to live and work.

Members of the Leesburg Fire Department believe that our mission can best be accomplished by taking a preventative approach whenever possible. Our efforts focus on providing our customers with the information necessary to prevent, reduce, or avoid emergency situations. In conjunction with our prevention stance, it is critical that we are able to both anticipate and react to the needs of the community. We are committed to actively seeking input and feedback regarding the services and programs we offer, and further pledge to consider any suggestion to improve any process related to our business. We will maintain emergency response readiness and capability through training, innovation, and sound process of soliciting ideas for improvement.

The Leesburg Fire Department holds the following basic values; we recognize them as crucial to successfully accomplishing our mission and vision.


  • Safety 

We recognize that in order to protect our community, we must first protect ourselves. Adhering to the 16 Life Safety Initiatives will enable us to meet the national goal of “Everyone Goes Home."

  • Accountability
We recognize that accountability is a two-way street; Fire officers are responsible for watching over firefighters, and firefighters must be responsible to those in charge.

  • Trust
We believe that our actions should be reliable, dependable, and consistent. In order for this to occur, each member of the Leesburg Fire Department must possess both character and competence. Character is who we are. Competence is what we do. This combination forms the foundation forms the foundation of trust necessary for each member of the organization to work together as a team in a safe and effective manner.


  • Compassion 

We realize that when people call us for services, they do so because they are probably having one of the very worst days of their lives. We strive to treat our customers with compassion, and act as if their problem is, in fact, our very own. 

  • Commitment 

We value commitment, working through any adversity to meet the community’s needs. 


Last updated: 5/15/2014 2:03:43 PM