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City-Owned T-Hangar and Box Hangar Waiting List Policies and Procedures

City-Owned T-Hangar and Box Hangar Waiting List Policies and Procedures

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Leesburg International Airport

City-Owned T-Hangar and Box Hangar Waiting List
Policies and Procedures

Storage T-Hangars and Box Hangars

1.   Vacant hangars will be offered to individuals on the hangar wait list.
 For a person to appear on the hangar waiting list they shall:

A.     Complete and file a hangar request application with Airport Administration.  Applicants are solely responsible for maintaining a current address, email, and telephone numbers on their application.  The applicant name must match the FAA Registration Certificate of Aircraft name if other than the individual’s name.  Airport Administration will check N numbers at

B.     Pay hangar deposit fee.

1)   All persons on the Storage T-Hangar and Box Hangar waiting list, either existing or new, shall make a $250.00 hangar deposit.  Checks should be payable to - City of Leesburg.

2)   The hangar deposit shall be applied to the first month’s hangar rent.  The $250.00 deposit will be refunded if an applicant removes their name from the hangar waiting list by choice, or if an applicant is removed from the list by Airport Administration for declining a hangar space.

C.     Stipulate the hangar size(s) desired. An applicant shall be knowledgeable of the hangar sizes, hangar accommodations, and hangar fees, which are listed on the application form.  Applicant is solely responsible for selecting the appropriate hangar.     

2.   Position on the hangar waiting list.   Waiting list position for new applications shall be determined by the date the correctly completed hangar application is received by the Airport Manager either via US mail to PO Box 490630 Leesburg, FL  34749-0630 or via walk-in at the Airport Office, 8807 Airport Blvd, Leesburg, FL 34788.

3.   Hangar offers shall be made chronologically (oldest date to the most recent).  When a hangar matching an applicant’s preference becomes available, an offer notification will be made by Airport Administration.  To accept the offer, the applicant must:

A.     Reply in the affirmative within 5 days of the date when positive notification was made with the applicant (weekends and holidays excluded).

B.     Aircraft acquisition:  Have an aircraft registered to the applicant in the hangar within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date Airport Administration received the applicant’s acceptance and hangar rental payment.  Failure to have an airworthy aircraft registered to the applicant in the hangar within 180 days of acquiring the hangar may result in termination of rental agreement and removal from the hangar.

4.   Airport Administration Staff shall make every effort to contact the person in the top position of the hangar waiting list either by mail, email or telephone when a hangar becomes available.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the most current contact information.

5.   No-contact, failure to respond or a “not interested” response, to the hangar offer notification after 5 workdays (weekends and holidays exclude), shall be interpreted as – applicant is no longer in need of a hangar and the next individual on the list will be contacted.  Applicant’s deposit will be refunded and they will be removed from the waiting list.

6.   Persons removed from the hangar waiting list may restore their names to the bottom of the waiting list by filling out a new application.  If a past deposit was returned, a new deposit will be required.

7.   Experimental aircraft applicants may apply to the wait list; however, so long as a waiting list exists, experimental planes in the build stage(s), will not be considered for hangar space.  Only airworthy (FAA definition) aircraft may acquire a hangar.  Experimental owners may be skipped over until the aircraft is flyable. 

8.   Hangar fees listed on the waiting list application are subject to change.  Applicant is not guaranteed the monthly rate stated on the application form.  Rates may increase periodically.  There shall be no decrease in monthly rates.

9.   Deposits shall be either check or money order.  In the event a check is returned for NSF or other reason, the applicant will have 5 workdays to remedy or will be removed from the list.                            

10.  Applications and deposits shall be mailed to Leesburg International Airport, PO Box 490630, Leesburg, FL  34749-0630 or delivered via walk-in to the Airport Administration Office at 8807 Airport Blvd, Leesburg, FL 34788.

11.  Positions on the hangar waiting list shall not be transferred, traded or sold.

12.  As newly constructed Storage T-Hangars and Box Hangars become available, existing tenants, in good standing, may request the opportunity to upgrade.  This would be based on their seniority/move in date.  Existing tenants in this situation may not accept a new hangar as a secondary hangar; they must vacate their existing hangar.