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A sound ethical building department is the foundation for building safety and the economic vitality of the city. It is the goal of the Building Division to make life safety and the minimum code compliance our first priority. Emphasis is always on providing customer service and completing all inspections by following all applicable codes in the most efficient and responsible manner.

We now offer full online services for the Building Division.  Leesburg Online Services for Building Permits enables citizens and contractors to apply, view their permit process, upload documents, schedule inspections, view inspection results, and review permit history. 

Permit Submittal Requirements 

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Permits BEFORE September 1, 2021 - Online Service for Building Permits 

Attention Contractors

  • When calculating permit fees, include 1.5% for FL Building Surcharge and 1.0% for FL Recovery Fund. These fees will be added to the permit cost for each permit type. If the 1.5% is less than $2.00, then the minimum of $2.00 will be added for each permit type. 
  • Faxed applications are no longer accepted. However, you may enter a new permit by applying online, or drop your complete permit documentation at 204 N. 5th Street, Leesburg, FL.    Please contact Building Services at 352-728-9735 if you have any questions.
  • Only current application forms indicating the “FBC 2023 (8th Edition)” and "NEC 2020" will be accepted.  
  • Power of Attorney must be job or area-specific.   Power of Attorneys may be job/location specific or listed for “all permits within the City of Leesburg.” If listed as “all permits within the City of Leesburg” the POA will remain on file until otherwise notified by the contractor of record.



Deborah Kohler, Supervisor
James Eyler, Permit Specialist II
Tiffanie Morris, Permit Specialist II
Erik Campfield, Permit Specialist I
Ashley Porter, Permit Specialist I

John (Bob) Farris
Chief Building Inspector
352-728-9786 ext. 1729

Rick Henry
Building Inspector II
352-728-9786 ext. 1724

Anthony Alotta
Building Inspector I
352-728-9786 ext.  1728

Carlos Dennis

Chief Plans Examiner
352-728-9786 ext. 1736

Curtis Black
Plans Examiner I
352-728-9786 ext. 1725

Jeffery Atkin

Plans Examiner I
352-728-9786 ext. 1711

Susan Schneidenbach
352-728-9786 ext. 1730

Ricky Howell
352-728-9786 ext. 1733

Ann M. Kinsey, CBO, MCP, CFPE

352-728-9786 ext. 1726