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Departmental Review Requirements

Departmental Review Requirements

Electric Department - General Requirements:
Lift stations that will require an electric service shall be noted on the site plan. Please contact Electric Department Electric Service Planners to determine if three (3) phase voltage will be available. Five (5) Horsepower pumps and above require three (3) phase service.

  • The Electric Department will complete estimates for the project after final site plan approval and request for building permits have been submitted to the Leesburg Building Department for approval.
  • Please refer to the “Service Requirements” booklet and Electric Service Planners for construction standards.

Gas Department – General Requirements:
Natural gas line installation shall be required in all new residential developments of more than five (5) units, in accordance with the conditions and criteria specified within the City of Leesburg Code of Ordinances, Chapter 22. Developers shall insure that not less than eighty (80) percent of all units in the development be equipped, at a minimum, with a natural gas water heater and natural gas furnace.

    1. Where the natural gas line distribution system is to be installed by the city, the cost of all-natural gas lines and appurtenances must be borne by the developer, subdivider or re-subdivider as outlined through a developer’s agreement. Before the city commences any natural gas line construction, the cost, as estimated by the city's design engineer (or designee), must be paid in cash or a bond sufficient to cover the cost of construction.
    2. A developer’s agreement between the City and the developer is required prior to the gas department issuing their final site plan approval.  Approval of a developer’s agreement can take upwards of eight weeks to complete during peak season. it is incumbent upon the developer to ensure they begin this process well in advanced to avoid delays in final construction approval.     
  • All lot lines must be clearly marked on site before installation of gas begins. Grade of property must be within 6 inches of final grade before installation of gas will begin.
  • An estimate will be prepared for costs to be incurred of the installation of gas utilities. The estimate will be valid for six (6) months from date of preparation. After estimate has been prepared, any changes made to the “Final Plan” would increase the contract price at the expense of the developer.
  • Customer/ Developer must call Gas Dept. to schedule appointment with the Gas Operations Supervisor to meet at the job site to spot locations for the following: a) meter installation; b) permanent service location. Customer must have address for location before job can be processed. Applications for a single residential home gas service must be applied for at Customer Service, City Hall, 501 W. Meadow St Leesburg 352-728-9800. They will discuss a monthly service fee and deposit if required.
  • Minimum installation time is 48 hours after Gas Dept. has been notified due to the Florida Sunshine One Call location statute. Please call for scheduling of gas service before sod and irrigation are installed. The Gas Dept. will NOT be responsible for replacing the sod or any irrigation systems if damaged. The City will not be responsible for any compaction that has to be done as a result of installation of an underground service.
  • All plumbers must pipe out the gas service stub on the same side of the house as the water meters are set.

Natural gas meters will maintain three (3) foot separation from any electrical ignition source and must be placed away from any opening into the structure. 

             City of Leesburg Gas Department, 306 South 6th Street, Leesburg, Florida 34748, (352) 728-9840

Water – General Requirements:
Water Backflow:

  • All service connections being served by the City of Leesburg water utility must have the proper backflow prevention device installed on the customer’s side of the meter as per Ordinance 03-66 Section 7.
  • In addition to Section 7, all backflow prevention devices must be tested upon installation by a certified tester and a copy of the test report submitted to the City of Leesburg water utility.

Water Distribution:

  • All infrastructures shall meet City of Leesburg minimum construction standards, AWWA or any more stringent regulation or statute.
  • The City of Leesburg reserves the right to modify or require additional and/or more stringent standards and materials to insure that adequate water flow and quality is maintained on any City of Leesburg water system or any water system connecting to a City of Leesburg maintained system.

Irrigation Installation:

  • Up to sixty (60) percent of the pervious area equal to or less than fifteen thousand square feet of the lot in any single-family or duplex platted residential development with more than ten lots, which had plats approved after September 26, 2011, and commercial site plans submitted after the effective date of the ordinance may be irrigated with a conventional in-ground irrigation system. Micro-irrigation, drip systems and temporary irrigation necessary to establish new plantings are permitted on all areas of the lot or development. Golf course fairways and greens, public active recreation fields, greenhouses, landscape nurseries, retail nurseries, and agricultural production systems are exempt from meeting these requirements. Landscape production and retail centers shall comply with the watering restrictions for any landscape that is required under these regulations that is not related to the production or selling of landscape material on site.

 Wastewater Department- General Requirements:

  • The Developer shall comply with the applicable requirements specified within WEF Manual of Practice No. 9, Latest Edition, and the Recommended Standards for Wastewater Systems, Latest Edition, and as established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  • All infrastructure shall meet City of Leesburg minimum construction standards, AWWA or any more stringent regulation or statute.
  • The City of Leesburg reserves the right to modify or require additional and/or more stringent standards and materials to insure that adequate flow, pressure, size, grade and quality of material is maintained on any City of Leesburg Wastewater system or any Wastewater system connecting to a City of Leesburg maintained system.
  • Approval for construction will not be given until all applicable permits from regulatory agencies have been obtained. 

StormWater Department – General Requirements:

System Design Requirements:

  • All work shall conform to the latest revision of the FDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and the City construction specifications.
  • The horizontal separation shall be in accordance with Chapter 62-555.314, F.A.C.
  • A minimum ten (10) foot separation shall be maintained between the system and above-ground structures such as buildings, privacy walls, etc.
  • On site waste controls are required. The Site Plan shall show locations of waste disposal receptacles with the intent to control site waste such as construction debris and trash.
  • Applicant is referred to the SJRWMD for determination as to whether an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) is required. If an ERP is required, applicant shall submit a copy to the City of Leesburg.

Regulatory Requirements:

  • Construction activities that disturb one (1) or more acres of land are regulated under the NPDES StormWater program
  • If a Construction General Permit is required, the contractor shall submit the NOI to the FDEP and comply with permit requirements.
  • One sheet of the construction plans shall be dedicated to the SWPPP and reviewed prior to construction. SWPPP must be prepared prior to submitting a NOI to the FDEP.

Industrial Pretreatment of Oil and Grease:

All required permits for restaurants, Industrial Pretreatment permits, and discharges of Hazardous waste will be facilitated through the City of Leesburg Industrial Pretreatment Division. Please call Public Works at 352-435-9442 for project contact information.

All traps and interceptors shall comply with the City of Leesburg Construction Design Standards and the Florida Unified Building Code, Most Recent Addition. Wherever conflicts between the two standards arise the most stringent shall apply. All trap and interceptor locations and design shall be approved on the site plan. Traps and interceptors will be sized by the building department when applying for permits 

Solid Waste Department – General Requirements:

Sections 11 – 32(d) (2) and (7) of the City of Leesburg Code of Ordinances, effective June 1, 2002:

Requires all solid waste haulers operating within the City of Leesburg to obtain a permit, and to pay a monthly franchise fee in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the permit holder’s gross revenue generated within the City limits during the preceding month, including all charges imposed for roll-off containers, all open top and compaction style roll-off containers, and the transport and disposal of refuse deposited in such containers.  Permit holders must also keep the City aware of the customers they serve within the City limits.

The City of Leesburg approved dumpster detail is available at: Http:// Please note that Dumpster enclosure material shall be determined by applicable zoning requirements. All materials listed on the City of Leesburg approved dumpster detail are not available for use.

Fire Department - Leesburg Fire Flow Requirements: Effective 04/15/2020
  • All applicable codes and/or standards of the National Fire Protection Association and the Florida Fire Protection Code must be met or exceeded in this project.
  • Reference recent edition of NFPA 1 Chapter 18 for fire flow requirements.

Floodplain Management

  • If the project site falls within a floodplain than a floodplain development permit is required. For subdivisions modifying floodplains a CLOMR is required in addition to the floodplain development permit.