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Traffic Crash Reports

Traffic Crash Reports

Under Florida law, traffic crash reports are confidential for a period of 60 days after the crash report is filed. Copies may be made available immediately only to the parties involved in the crash (including the owner of the vehicle), their legal representatives, their insurance company and its agents, or certain others as provided in Florida statute. Typically, crash reports are available within three to five days of the crash.  Parties involved in the crash may obtain a FREE copy of the traffic crash report from the Leesburg Police Department.

Within the 60 day exemption period, you must provide proper photo identification and complete a sworn affidavit to obtain a copy of the report. You may fill out and download a copy of the affidavit using the link. Please bring the affidavit with your photo ID when you come to pick up a copy of the report. Notarization is not required when picking up a report in person. 

You also may request the report by mail or electronically by sending an email to police records. If you are not picking up the report in person and would like the report returned to you via regular mail or email, the bottom portion of the affidavit must be notarized. For regular mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for us to return your report. On average, crash reports are seven to nine pages, so please purchase postage accordingly.

Please call 352-728-9860 or send us an email if you have any questions about requesting traffic crash reports.

Additionally, traffic crash reports may be obtained from the online service at the Florida Crash Portal; however, a fee does apply.