Image of Communications Staff

The Communications Section has experienced many changes primarily dealing with technology and state communications officer certification requirements, which have all been successfully incorporated into the section; but the most compelling need is for fully qualified and capable staff to answer when the public calls. This is our first line of defense against crime, guiding officers to where they are needed.

The section handles a large volume of telephone calls for service. These calls consist of 911 calls, Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) test calls, as well as general calls for assistance. The communications officers receive year-round training and instruction to stay proficient in their abilities. The section is a critical link to maintaining the department’s high-quality service. 

Image of Communications Staff taking calls

In addition to answering calls for service, the communications center is responsible for relaying vital information to the responding officers, including traffic stops, investigations, and miscellaneous contacts. 

This section is under the supervision of Communications Center Manager, Tina Gonzales.