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Sponsored Events

Sponsored Events

Junior Athletic Games (JAG)

The Leesburg Police Department is proud to host the Junior Athletic Games (JAG) each year at Leesburg High School. These games honor our community's aspiring athletes at the elementary school level. Elementary schools throughout the area participate by sending their best athletes to compete in the Junior Athletic Games. Participating schools include: 
  • Leesburg Elementary 
  • First Academy 
  • Beverly Shores Elementary 
  • Fruitland Park Elementary 
  • Treadway Elementary 

Each school sends a select number of participants for each of seven events that include: 
  • 50 Yard Dash 
  • 400 Yard Relay 
  • Softball Throw 
  • Basketball Free Throw 
  • 100 Yard Dash 
  • Soccer Kick 
  • Long Jump 

Every participant receives a free Leesburg Police Department JAG t-shirt and the winners in each event receive a trophy. The event is a lot of fun and gives elementary students an opportunity to compete and show off their athletic talents.