Measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to public works and utility workers

Measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to public works and utility workers

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For immediate release:  April 2, 2020
Contact:  Office of the City Manager
                 352-728-9786 x. 1100

Measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
to public works and utility workers

            Leesburg public works and utility workers continue to perform essential functions despite the potential risks to themselves for contracting the COVID-19 virus.  Ensuring the proper maintenance of the electric and gas distribution systems, road/parks maintenance and water/waste water collection systems is important during this challenging time. 

            Leesburg utility customers can help keep essential services operating safely by taking a few small steps to protect those that are keeping the city operational. Please continue to use common-sense precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain social distancing by keeping six feet away from city utility and public works employees. Continually wash your hands. Use the city’s automated systems to report service disruptions.

            Also, because solid waste removal involves direct contact with material such as personal hygiene products, used tissues, sanitary wipes, face masks, gloves and similar items that may contain viruses, we ask that you take these precautions when disposing of trash in the roll-out bins. 

  • To prevent the spread of contagions, ensure that all trash is disposed of in plastic garbage bags and not loosely placed in the roll-out bins.
  • If you are sick or caring for someone who is sick, all personal waste should be double bagged in plastic garbage bags. Securely tie all bags shut and dispose of as regular residential garbage.
  • Ensure that bins and bags are closed and sealed properly.
  • Rinse off and wipe down bottles, cans, and other recyclables that you put into bins.
  • Keep to the rules outlined by our solid waste department and only place proper waste and recycling materials in the proper bins.
  • Use soap and water or an alcohol-based cleaning product to wash-off the handles and lids of any trash and recycling bins that are physically picked-up by sanitation workers.
  • Material generated from decontamination procedures in locations such as non-medical businesses, office buildings and schools require additional measures. Please contact the Public Works Department at 352-435-9442 for information on proper disposal and collection of these items.

            All city employees are dedicated to working through this difficult time and ensuring that essential services are maintained. Please check the City website at www.LeesburgFlorida.gov for the latest information.


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