Leesburg encourages water conservation with rebate program

Leesburg encourages water conservation with rebate program

Leesburg encourages water conservation with rebate program

     LEESBURG, FL - The city of Leesburg has launched a Water Conservation Incentive Program designed to reduce water waste by encouraging customers to Rachel Novak checking an Irrigation controller upgrade inefficient household fixtures and irrigation systems.   

     The rebate program targets homes and businesses with water consuming fixtures installed prior to 1994. It also helps with upgrading inefficient residential and commercial irrigations systems. 

     Eligible fixtures include toilets, faucets and shower heads that use excessive water. Customers with existing irrigation systems may qualify for rebates by replacing a traditional non-weather-based system controller with a smart irrigation controller or by converting a high-volume irrigation area to a micro-irrigation system. The city will also provide rain sensors to qualified customers while supplies last. Rebate amounts vary based on the item being upgraded.

     “Over 50% of the potable water consumed in the City is used for irrigation,” said Water Conservation Coordinator Rachel Novak. “By updating inefficient systems and repairing broken pipes, customers may save on their utility bill each month as well as saving Florida’s potable water supply. This is the ideal program for anyone who wants to save both water and money.” 

     Prior to making a purchase, customers who wish to participate in the rebate program must contact the Water Conservation Coordinator to determine funding availability, apply for pre-approval and request an assessment. Please email Public.Works@leesburgflorida.gov or call 352-435-9442. Information can also be found on the Water Conservation Incentive and Rebate Program webpage at www.leesburgflorida.gov/wcrebates.

Leesburg is a progressive city of more than 23,000 residents in northwest Lake County. The city government serves twice as many people with its electric, gas, water and wastewater public utilities. Leesburg is also a central hub for commerce, attracting 50,000 people to work each weekday. For more information, visit www.leesburgflorida.gov.