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Sewer line smoke testing starts January 3rd

Sewer line smoke testing starts January 3rd

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Sewer Line Smoke Testing in January

Sewer line smoke testing will be conducted in several areas of the City beginning January 3rd and ending by February 1st, provided there are no weather delays. Testing will be done by our contractor, EnviroWaste Services Group with assistance from City utility crews. This is routine preventative maintenance that is conducted to help find problems in the City’s sewer system.

Testing locations will vary throughout the month. Door hangers will be handed out in affected areas/neighborhoods at least 48 hours in advance of testing.

Please read the attached information for details on the testing process, including addressing concerns for residents who have heart or respiratory conditions.

If you have questions and would like additional information, please contact EnviroWaste Services Group by calling 561-298-9734 or 352-571-0989.

Smoke Test Door hanger

Smoke testing overal area map