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Outage Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

Outage Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

What are Outage Text Alerts?

Outage Alerts
is an outage notification program used by the City of Leesburg Electric Department. The system is used to communicate basic outage information with customers registered for Outage Alerts, via text. We understand that when your power is out, communication can be difficult. Now, with a simple text, you can report your outage quickly and efficiently. You will receive an outage confirmation text as well as another text when the outage has been restored.

Do I have to sign up to get the text messages?
During our initial registration, we will be auto-enrolling all electric customers for whom we have up-to-date information in our system. Those customers will receive a “Welcome Text” from 352-728-9830.
If you did not receive a “Welcome Text,” you can enroll by texting POWER to 352-728-9830.

NOTE The system requires the phone number associated with your utility account to be up to date.  At this time, only one phone number can use the service per account.
To update your text enabled phone number, contact customer service at 352-728-9800 option 2.

What if I have more than one account?
The system operates by referencing the phone number associated with the account. If your number is associated with more than one account, the system will prompt you to verify which address has the outage. If you have different numbers associated to different addresses, you will have to register with the system using those different numbers. 

I don’t want to EVER receive text messages how do I opt out?
If you are one of the customers that were opted in during our initial phase, you simply text QUIT to 352-728-9830 to opt-out. You will not receive any other texts until you decide to opt back in to the service.

How often will you be sending me text messages during outage events?
We will send you an initial text when you report an outage, confirming we have received your report. A restoration text will be sent informing you when the power has been restored. Any other incoming texts are in response to customer inquiry, such as requesting a status update.

Will I be bombarded with text messages?
No, our system is designed to respond to customer interactions. You will only receive messages during an active incident, where you have reported an outage or have requested a status update.

Will you use my number to send advertisements, offers, etc?
We are only using Outage Alerts for outage notifications. In the future, we may send you information that would relate to planned outages in your area. We will never send junk mail via text through Outage Alerts.

I don’t want to receive messages after midnight, can I request that?
Unfortunately, we cannot set time parameters on your outage notifications via text. You will, however, receive updates upon request and the automated power restoration notification upon completion of the outage. 

If I don’t call/text in and report my outage will you let me know if my power is out?
At this time, we are unable to proactively provide outage notifications. In the future, we will be able to inform you when your power is out, even if you do not report it directly. Please remember if you know you are out of power it is always best to report it to ensure we know of your outage.

How soon will I be able to get an Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR)?
If an ETR is assigned to the outage, you will receive a text with an estimated restoration time, when the outage is first reported. You can also text STATUS, at any time during the event, to receive updates. Very large storms may not have an ETR.

Did you change phone providers or phone number? If so, you will have to re-register your number due to the number being associated with a different provider. Contact our Customer Service office at 352-728-9800 option 2, to update your phone number.