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GAS Service Area
The City of Leesburg owns, maintains and operates a natural gas distribution system designed to serve the entire public in its service area in a safe, efficient manner.

The purpose of this system is to provide the public, both residential and commercial enterprises, with a safe, clean source of energy for a variety of uses.

Natural gas is most commonly used for cooking and heating. Natural gas also has many other uses, such as the generation of electricity. The City of Leesburg distributes natural gas to approximately 12,790 customers through 276 miles of pipeline.

The system is inspected by the Public Service Commission of Florida annually for compliance with the Federal Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) rules and regulations. The City of Leesburg Gas Department performs regular maintenance throughout the year to ensure a safe natural gas system.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the ideal energy choice for reliability,811, Call before you dig Logoefficiency and savings. Various gas appliances for the home operate at half the cost and double the efficiency of electric models. Natural gas also fuels today's businesses while reducing operating costs.

Important Phone Numbers

The City of Leesburg Gas Department would like to extend the following phone numbers to our customers in order to provide them with the most accurate phone numbers for Gas related services:

(Gas leaks/odors, cut lines, etc.) 

New Service Request 

Turn on / shut off gas

Light pilots 

Appliance hook up's

Address changes

Name changes 

Gas availability 

Call before you dig - 
Sunshine State One Call 

(This is State Law) 

For emergencies and leaks
Call (352) 728-9840
(24 hours / 7 days)

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Green Energy
Did you know that natural gas not only
saves energy costs, but it also is better
for the environment by reducing carbon
emissions. Try this carbon calculator to
see the difference that gas can make.

Carbon Calculator