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Typical Natural Gas Meter Set

Typical Natural Gas Meter Set

          Image of Natural Gas Customer Meter

Pictured above is a typical natural gas customer meter set with regulator.

  1. The meter installation shall comply with all applicable codes and ordinances.
  2. The City of Leesburg will set the meter after the service line has been installed.
  3. The customer inlet stub to the building shall be located 24” above the finished slab and extend no more than 8” from the finished wall.
  4. The City if Leesburg will provide a plugged tee at the outlet of the meter for connection to the house piping by the contractor.  The vertical opening of the tee is for system test and shall not be used to connect house piping.
  5. The plumbing contractor is responsible for making the connection from the house piping to the meter.  Care should be taken to keep the service riser plumb and the meter level and square to  the building.
  6. Natural gas will not be turned on if a meter is misaligned or in a bind.

 Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
Revised: July 2019