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What is Storm Water Pollution

What is Storm Water Pollution

What is Storm Water Pollution?

The stormwater drainage system collects all the rain that runs off of hard surfaces such as pavement and rooftops. This runoff, called stormwater, flows along the curb and gutter and then into a storm drain. 

   After entering the storm drain, stormwater is routed to the nearest lake, pond or river. Anything that enters the stormwater drainage system besides rainfall is considered an illicit discharge and is a violation of The City of Leesburg and Lake County’s Illicit Discharge Ordinance.

Grease, oils and detergents have potential to cause fish kill and other biological degradation, and restrict recreational activities such as swimming and fishing. The purpose of the Illicit Discharge Ordinance is to protect public health, safety and welfare by controlling pollution in our waterways.

Do your part to protect our environment from these types of pollution. Implement these best management practices today!