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Florida Friendly Landscaping

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Benefits of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

There are many benefits to planting a Florida-Friendly Landscape.

Save time and money-xeriscape Blanket Flower
Native landscapes minimize maintenance requirements such as frequent watering, fertilizers, pesticides and other costly products.

Reduce pollution to preserve our waterways -
Reduce pollution from pesticides and fertilizers that run off into our drains and waterbodies.

Conserve our freshwater resources -
Use less water with drought-tolerant plants. Native plants will thrive in the soil type around your home and will require much less water.

Control weeds and reduce erosion, water loss and stormwater runoff -
Use Florida-Friendly Landscaping techniques such as natural mulch to reduce erosion and retain water in your yard.

Create a simply beautiful yard -
The Florida-Friendly Landscaping plant database will assist you in creating your custom landscape . FYN Plant Selection Guide 2015

Shown on this page are several examples of plants that can be used in Florida-Friendly landscapes.

xeriscape Coontie plantxeriscape Muhly Grass