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Watch the Weather, Wait to Water

Watch the Weather, Wait to Water



The Summer rains have arrived and afternoon showers are no longer a distant memory. Rainfall throughout our City was something many of our residents wished for throughout those dry Spring months. Now that those showers are here, we recommend you take full advantage of them.

By following a few simple steps you can help save our water supply as well as your money:

  • Ensure that your required rain sensor is functioning properly. Rain sensors usually need to be replaced or repaired every 1-2 years when exposed to the Florida sun.
  • Become familiar with the time and days of each week your irrigation system is set to run. 
  • If heavy showers are likely on the day of, or the day before your system is scheduled to irrigate, simply turn your irrigation controller to "Off". 


Although water restrictions allow for two days of irrigation throughout the summer months, many residents find it unnecessary to irrigate that often from June through August. In fact, quite a few residents enjoy a beautiful lawn throughout those months while not using their irrigation system at all and only relying on rainfall.