Date:  Thursday February 10, 2022 (02/10/22)

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Thursday, February 10, 2022
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida


  1. Call to Order
    • Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman 
  1. Approval of Minutes – January 13, 2022 
  1. Airport Mowing Services Recommendation 
  1. Project Update 
    • US Customs & Border Protection Office Interior Remodel
    • Runway 13/31 Rehab
    • Main Ramp Resurfacing
    • FY 2022 Hangar Design
    • Fuel Farm Design
  1. Airport Manager Update
    • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues
  1. New Business 
  1. Adjournment

Airport Advisory Board Minutes
February 10, 2022 5:30pm
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida


Attendance:                 Tweet Coleman 
                                             Fred Griffin, Jr. 
                                             Alan Reisman 
                                             Bo Wroten

Call to Order

Chairman Alan Reisman called the meeting to order at 5:32pm.

Fred Griffin, Jr. gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Selection of Chairman and Vice Chair-man

Bo Wroten nominated Ala Reisman as Chairman.  Chairman Reisman asked Bo Wroten if he would continue as Vice-Chairman. Bo Wroten agreed.  Chairman Reisman said there is a motion to keep himself as Chairman and Bo Wroten as Vice-Chairman.  It was seconded by Fred Griffin, Jr. and approved unanimously.

Approval of Minutes from January 13, 2022

Bo Wroten made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 13, 2022 meeting as written.  Tweet Coleman seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Airport Mowing Services Recommendation

Airport Manager (AM) Dean said as the agenda memo shows, they still do not have complete numbers for this item.  She is requesting that the Board approve the low bidder for the airfield mowing at this time. 

There are two maps showing the areas of the airport that need to be mowed.  The first map shows the airside areas which total about 208 acres.  The second map shows the landside which is about 16 acres.  She noted that this is an old aerial photo and the landside is really about 12 acres due to some areas shown that no longer require mowing. 

AM Dean said that until 2013 all airport mowing was done by outside contracts.  That year a position was added to the airport staff to do the mowing in house.  However, during the growing season it is too much for one person to keep up with and in the off season there is not enough work for two people. 

She believes the airside is the most important part.  The Purchasing Department formally bid those services out.  For the landside areas she asked several companies for informal quotes.  She said years ago Public Works did the landside mowing and consideration has been given to have them do it again.  That could be a problem because Public Works currently has several open positions they have been unable to fill so it will be difficult for them to take on additional work.  The Purchasing Department is now working to establish a contractor for long-term use that provide mowing services across city departments on an as-needed basis.

AM Dean apologized that she does not have all the numbers at this time.  The fiscal impact on the agenda memo shows the current budget for this work if done by a staff member is $57,000.  It also shows the low bidder for the airside which is known ($29,757) and the range of the informal bids for the landside ($21,600 to $62,400).

Bo Wroten asked for confirmation that she is only seeking a recommendation on the airside mowing at this time.  AM Dean said that is correct.  Chairman Reisman asked if there is someone to do mowing in the mean time if it is needed.  AM Dean said Purchasing is working on that.  She thinks we will be Ok for a while since growth is slow this time of year and we just had a freeze.  Chairman Reisman asked if the low bidder is a known entity.  It looked like they are several hours away and he has concerns about whether or not the rate they proposed is sustainable.  AM Dean said they submitted their bid based on specific terms in the scope.  If the services they provide are not up to par, there are consequences in the agreement.  Chairman Reisman asked how often it is supposed to be mowed.  AM Dean said there are two steps to that.  Based on past contractors, there will be 13 cuts per year.  That includes two per month in the summer, none in December and January and one per month the rest of the year.  There are also specific terms on the height of the grass around lights, open areas, etc.  Those specifications must be maintained. 

Bo Wroten made a motion to accept the bid rate for airfield mowing.  Tweet Coleman seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Project Update

US Customs and Border Protection Interior Remodel:  AM Dean said we are still waiting for some of the security equipment (card readers and cameras).  She just received confirmation that the contractor will be here next week to install these items.  That should take about five days to finish up.  If all goes well it will be done in about a week and the project can be closed out.

RW 13/31 Rehab:  AM Dean said the only item still pending is the flight check to certify the Runway 31 PAPIs.  There has been extensive clearing of trees done in that area so there should not be a problem.  She has heard from the FAA that it will be scheduled soon.

Main Ramp Resurfacing:  AM Dean said the contractor, CW Roberts, has asked for the Notice to Proceed to be issued effective March 28th.  In the meantime, they have submitted a materials list, which GAI is reviewing.  GAI will be on site next week to take drone photos for “before” documentation of the project area. 

GAI will also be following up on the situation with the approaches and will take drone photos of those areas.  Several other airports are having the same issue.  We have heard that FAA staff used photos from an old database of obstructions as the basis for their determination on closing the approaches.  The next step for us is to write a letter and include current photos.  We have done a lot of clearing so are confident the trees the FAA believes are causing an issue are already gone.  Hopefully we can get the NOTAMs lifted soon. 

FY 2022 Hangar Design:  AM Dean said the schematic design has been started.  The survey and geotech is done.  GAI continues to move ahead in the early stages of design for this project.

Fuel Farm:  There was a site visit for this project on January 25th.  GAI is working with a subconsultant who has many years of experience designing fuel farms.  They did a full inspection of the existing fuel farm and met with SunAir staff who give an overview of what currently does and does not work as well as recent inspection information.  They also visited the proposed new location.  They will be putting together a feasibility report with information on what has to be done at each location including cost.  This Board will review that report and make a recommendation and then it will go to the City Commission for their review.

Bo Wroten asked when they will receive the information.  AM Dean said she is not sure.  She noted she will also be asking them to include impacts to the airport during construction if we rehab the existing site such as whether the ability to self-serve fuel will be lost for any period of time, if there is an option for a temporary tank, etc. 

Bo Wroten said the Master Plan shows it at the new site.  He asked why consideration is being given to rehabbing the current facility.  AM Dean said the Master Plan was designed by a planner and there are some concerns with the design that an engineer may have addressed differently.  For example, the new site plan shows a road behind the historic bunker hangar and there is minimal space in that area.  We will have to get utilities to the new site.  That location may require an environmental assessment.  The impact, if any, on the stormwater system needs to be determined.  None of these things appear to have been addressed when this location was put into the Master Plan.  It is important to look at all of these things.

Airport Manager Update

  • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues

AM Dean said Bill Bryan Subaru agreed to lease terms that include an annual CPI increase and a 20-year term, beginning February 1st.  The City is relieved of all responsibility for past and future maintenance.

AM Dean said she is still negotiating with the Lake County Sheriff. Chairman Reisman asked if she will have an appraisal done on the hangar.  AM Dean said they have enough information from past appraisals on other properties to know that fair value for this hangar would be $3-$4 per square foot.  She would rather not spend $3,000.00 for an appraisal at this point.  Bo Wroten asked what they are paying per month for the land.  AM Dean said they are currently at $.11 per square foot.  She believes the monthly rate is around $200.  In a new agreement that will be raised to $.16 per square foot.  If they will not agree to fair value on the hangar, there is no sense to do an appraisal at this point.  If they agree that $3.00 a square foot is doable, she believes that is an agreeable rate.  She noted that is a 25% discount off a rate of $3.50 per square which is what this Board and the City Commission discussed as an acceptable discount amount.

Chairman Reisman asked AM Dean to explain the DBE item that is on the next City Commission agenda.  AM Dean said this is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program plan that is required by the FAA.  The FAA requires that if they provide funding for a project, a certain percentage of the work (based on their formula) must be done by woman or minority owned businesses.  This does not always happen and if it does not, the reasons must be documented.  It is typically up to the contractor to ensure this rule is followed.  She noted that the plan must be updated about every three years. 

Chairman Reisman asked about the work being done on Echo around the sign.  AM Dean said the median is getting turf grass.  She noted that Wilco has been paved.  Chairman Reisman said he was told the lift station work is completely done.

New Business

There was no new business.


Tweet Coleman made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Fred Griffin, Jr. and the meeting adjourned at 6:02pm.

Alan Reisman                        

P. Hester