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Date:  Thursday May 12, 2022 (05/12/22)

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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida
  1. Call to Order
    • Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Approval of Minutes – April 14, 2022 
  1. Presentation by Dr. Chris Curry - Proposed Use of Property North of Fire Station 63 
  1. Consent to Assignment of Lease with Progressive Aerodyne, Inc. for Corporate Block Hangars 1 and 2 at 8855 Airport Boulevard 
  1. Project Update
    • US Customs & Border Protection Office Interior Remodel
    • Main Ramp Resurfacing
    • FY 2022 Hangar Design
    • Fuel Farm Design
  1. Airport Manager Update
    • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues 
  1. Chairman Discussion Items
    • Sheriff hangar lease update
    • LEAD lease - airport building improvements & LEAD requested items
    • Landside mowing update
    • Airport wayfinding signs
    • Wilco entrance improvements
    • Airport badge machine
    • Roof bid package update
    • Tower Improvements 
  1. New Business 
  1. Adjournment


Airport Advisory Board Minutes
May 12, 2022 5:30pm
Airport Administration Building
8807 Airport Boulevard
Leesburg, Florida


Attendance:                 Fred Griffin, Jr.
                                            Byron Oldham 
                                           Alan Reisman 
                                           Bo Wroten 

Call to Order

Chairman Alan Reisman called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

Chairman Reisman gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes from April 14, 2022

Bo Wroten made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 14, 2022 meeting as written.  Byron Oldham seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Presentation by Dr. Chris Curry – Proposed Use of Property North of Fire Station 63

Airport Manager Dean said the City Manager asked her to have Dr. Chris Curry come before the Airport Advisory Board and give a presentation regarding a business he would like to bring to the airport.  They would typically just present a draft lease to the Board, but the City Manager would like the Board members’ opinions on terms before we move forward.  This would be for the vacant land adjacent to the fire station near Cracker Barrel.

Dr. Chris Curry said he grew up in Texas and has been around aviation his whole life.  He received his pilot license at the age of 16, before he got his driver license. He joined the US Navy and was a Naval Aviator.  He currently owns a Cessna 172 that he keeps at the airport.

Dr. Curry said he recently learned that Horton, an aviation company currently located in Kansas, was offering the STOL portion of their business for sale.  He talked to Mayor Pederson about building a hangar at Leesburg to house the business.  He would like to be on the airport so customers can fly in to have the part installed.  Horton does not currently offer that service but they told him many customers have asked for it.  He noted that Horton has never advertised this product and yet it is very well known.  He feels if he develops an advertising campaign it will grow the business and help bring more notoriety to Leesburg.

He said he would like to build an 80x60 hangar that would be part production facility and part aircraft storage.  His goal is to eventually have ten employees.  The company would utilize other businesses on the airport for things like painting and avionics.  He noted it is an international company with much of their business coming from Mexico and Australia.  Basically, he needs to know if this Board is OK with him leasing land to build a hangar for this purpose.

Bo Wroten asked how long it takes to install a kit.  Dr. Curry said about a day and a half.  Bo Wroten asked about the volume of the business.  Dr. Curry said the company currently has a waiting list.  He noted those orders would be shipped.

Bo Wroten asked him what lease terms he is expecting.  Dr. Curry said he has no set price.  He noted the Mayor suggested he might not have to use the whole two acres that is available.  Bo Wroten asked AM Dean if the land could be split.  AM Dean said if it is split perpendicular to 441 the land on the back side would be unusable.  Bo Wroten asked if it could be split the other way.  AM Dean said she is not sure if the setbacks would allow that.  She will have to check.  Bo Wroten said he doesn’t want Dr. Curry to have to lease more land than he needs.

AM Dean noted that in the past the City Commission has expressed that properties fronting a US 441 should pay a higher rate per square foot.  They have mentioned $.25 per square.  She would suggest charging $.16 per square while the hangar is being built and then an increase to $.25 once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.  Chairman Reisman questioned why you would charge him more if there is no access to 441.  He asked why the Sheriff is not being asked to pay the higher rate.  Bo Wroten asked why it should be more when he is not getting any benefit from the highway.  AM Dean said she would pass on that the Board believes the rate should be the standard rate.

AM Dean said with regards to the lease term, since this is new construction she thinks a 30-year term is fair.  The Commission has preferred 20 years with extensions but that was for existing hangars.  She thinks new construction warrants consideration of a longer initial term.  Bo Wroten said he is OK with that. 

Chairman Reisman asked Dr. Curry if he has a cost estimate for the hangar.  Dr. Curry said he has contacted three companies for quotes and is waiting to hear back.  He knows that John Malik just built a 65x65 building for about $55-$60 per square. 

Dr. Curry asked if the airport will require a fire suppression system.  Byron Oldham said anything over 10,000 square feet must have a system.  Jack Thompson from GAI noted that since this is a manufacturing facility, the City may require fire suppression. 

Chairman Reisman noted that this will be the first new construction at the airport in a while.  AM Dean said SunAir built a hangar in 2015 and Hans Vosseler built his hangar in 2014.  Chairman Reisman asked Brian Sapp from SunAir Aviation what the term on that lease is.  Brian Sapp said it is a 30-year term with a 20-year option.

Chairman Reisman asked if he is looking at a 30-year term with renewal options.  He asked AM Dean why she would consider 50 years when the Commission has turned that down before.  AM Dean said she thinks new construction versus existing makes a difference.  Chairman Reisman asked Dr. Curry what term he would like.  Dr. Curry said 30 years with two ten-year renewal options would be fine. 

Byron Oldham said part of this Board’s job is to facilitate new businesses coming to the airport.  He thinks this is a good thing.

Chairman Reisman asked if the lese can have a sunset clause so if this does not move forward the property will revert back to the city.  AM Dean said this same piece of property was leased before and the agreement had a clause with a 24-month limit.  Bo Wroten noted that time seems to be of the essence for Dr. Curry so he doesn’t think that will be a problem.  Dr. Curry said he already owns the company.

Chairman Reisman asked if the City will be responsible for infrastructure.  AM Dean noted the ramp will be contiguous to Kilo.  Bo Wroten asked if it will need to be built to the same specs as other ramps on the field.  Jack Thompson from GAI suggested that it be required to be built to the same specs.  Bo Wroten said he wants to make sure Dr. Curry has all the information he needs so he can take everything into consideration.  AM Dean said any city contribution to this project would be up to this Board and the City Commission.  Typically, the entire build out is the tenant’s responsibility.

There was no further discussion.  The consensus of the Board was for AM Dean to move forward with negotiations on the lease with Dr. Curry.

Consent to Assignment of Lease with Progressive Aerodyne, Inc. for Corporate block hangars 1 and 2 at 8855 Airport Boulevard

AM Dean said Progressive Aerodyne/SeaRey currently occupies units 1 and 2 in the corporate block hangars.  Normally leases for these hangars are for one year and then change to month to month.  After special consideration and approval from the City Commission an agreement with a five-year term was approved for these hangars with Searey.. 

SeaRey was down to only having one tech working here at the airport.  When that person left their employ, they decided not to replace him and therefore these hangar spaces are no longer needed by the company.  At this time, SeaRey is proposing to assign both hangars to 1st Class Aerospace.  The assignment agreement is for both units.  The terms are the same except for the removal of the restriction that only SeaRey aircraft could be worked on in the hangars.  Section C removes that exclusivity. 

Chairman Reisman said it looks good to him.  Bo Wroten made a motion to approve the agreement.  Byron Oldham seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Chairman Reisman asked when this will be effective.  AM Dean said it will go before the City Commission at their first meeting in June.

Project Update

US Customs and Border Protection Interior Remodel:  Jack Thompson from GAI said they have finished installing all equipment.  US Customs is scheduled for their review on June 13th.  US Customs also needs to schedule the date for the new officer to be trained on all the systems.  Once that is done, we can begin the close out process for this project.  He noted that the final pay app will include a deduction for the cost overage on the temporary office trailer.

Main Ramp Resurfacing:  Jack Thompson from GAI said CW Roberts is behind on this project.  There were problems with the first test strip of asphalt.  There is a problem with the grade and an area where water is pooling.  They will be onsite tomorrow to mill and remove three lanes of pavement and repave them to remove a low spot and correct the grade.  He noted that this is the same area where tie-downs are planned, so those have not been installed yet. 

Chairman Reisman said he walked the project area on Saturday and there are a lot of bores.  Jack Thompson said those are from the cores they take to test the pavement.  He explained the process of how they choose where to bore and what the engineers are looking for in the samples they take. 

Chairman Reisman asked how far behind schedule they are.  Jack Thompson said CW Roberts is two weeks behind.  They have committed to making that up in future phases B and D.  Chairman Reisman asked how long the project is supposed to take.  Jack Thompson said he believes the contract calls for 135 days.

FY 2022 Hangar Design:  Jack Thompson from GAI said the had the schematic design review with AM Dean.  The design is very similar to the original sketches. 

They did find an issue with the cross slope of the shoulder next to the taxilane on the east end of the project.  It is currently at 17% and they are only allowed 5%.  That must be fixed and will require that the pond be redesigned.  Chairman Reisman asked if that means the current taxilane is not legal.  AM Dean said it does not meet current specs.  Jack Thompson said it is not used very often now, but with the new hangars it will be used much more.  Bo Wroten asked if it is possible to get a variance.  Jack Thompson said FAA does not issue variances.  AM Dean noted it is a liability to the City.

Bo Wroten asked how much time that would add to the project.  Jack Thompson said it will not add much additional time.  However, there is a cost for them to add this work to the design process.  Bo Wroten noted the cost for the change order is $33,500.  Jack Thompson said that cost is for design and permitting with St. Johns.  Bo Wroten asked how long it will take to get a permit from St. Johns.  Jack Thompson said they are usually pretty quick.  It will be part of the pre-design process and discussions with them. 

Bo Wroten asked how much it will add to the construction portion of the project.  Jack Thomason said it will mostly be days added, not materials.  Bo Wroten said it needs to be done.  AM Dean said if the taxilane is left out of compliance, it could only be used for vehicular traffic.  That taxilane is really needed with the new hangars.  Chairman Reisman asked if this cost is in the budget.  AM Dean said yes.  Byron Oldham said there does not seem to be much choice.

Jack Thompson said they are working on various models to determine the best way to reconfigure the ponds.  Byron Oldham asked if there is a limit on depth.  Jack Thompson said there are rules regarding how close it can be to the water table but that is something they can look at.  They also may be able to get some credit for percolation. 

Bo Wroten made a motion to accept the Change Order.  Fred Griffin, Jr. seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously. 

Fuel Farm:  Jack Thompson from GAI said they are 2/3 done with the study of the two locations.  They are waiting for the tank inspection reports.  The site plans are mostly worked out.  Chairman Reisman asked when they will be ready.  Jack Thompson said he hopes to have the report in June.  It will show the pros and cons for both options.

Airport Manager Update

  • City Commission – Airport Impacts/Issues

AM Dean said she has no items.

Chairman Discussion Items  

  • Sheriff hangar lease update

AM Dean said she heard back from the Sheriff’s legal team today.  They are working on revisions based on the feedback they received from the City Commission. 

  • LEAD Lease - Airport building improvements & LEAD requested items 

Chairman Reisman said the Commission approved the lease.  He asked what requests have been made for improvements to the room.  AM Dean said they are looking at updates to the HVAC, flooring, window coverings and paint.  She has found that the foundation also needs work. 

She is working with the Building Department on the foundation issue.  The city’s AC contractor has looked at the HVAC system.  She does not have a cost yet, but they did determine a mini-split system will be needed.  A flooring company has been out.  They can’t provide a quote until the foundation is resolved because that will affect what type of flooring can be installed.  She has not sought quotes for the cosmetic work yet.

Chairman Reisman asked when they will move in.  AM Dean said she does not know their exact plan yet.  She has heard possibly late summer.  She believes they are still working out details with some of the local entities.  Chairman Reisman said the Commission approved $15,000 for improvements.  He asked if anything over that will have to go back to the Commission.  AM Dean said these expenses are in the operating budget so it does not have to go back to Commission.  The City Manager could approve that.

  • Landside mowing update

AM Dean said the Purchasing Department is still working on this.  They did tell her she will probably need to pay the contractor she used previously to mow one more time.

  • Airport wayfinding signs

Chairman Reisman said there are many people who come onto the airport and don’t know where they are going.  He asked if there is some way to let people know where they’re going.  AM Dean said she believes the electronic directories at the gates serve the purpose for way-finding.  She is not sure where this type of sign could be installed that wouldn’t be an impediment to traffic.  She has not had businesses tell her their customers can’t find them and only occasionally has someone stop in her office for directions.  Chairman Reisman said they do have people stop by their hangar and ask for directions.

Steve Purello said there is an old sign on Wilco that is falling down and looks bad.  He suggested fixing or removing it.  AM Dean said she can have it removed.

Jack Thompson said better monument signs for businesses might help with this.  He noted that wayfinding signs make more sense on airports with a lot of roads.  There is really only one main road here.  He suggested that perhaps a map might be helpful.  It could be placed inside the gate or by the card reader since vehicles are already stopping at that point.

  • Wilco entrance improvements

Chairman Reisman said he was recently told by a commissioner that the airport is missing the “Wow” factor.  AM Dean said the work is started on the pond and she thinks the Wilco side looks good.  They are on hold right now while they figure out the best way to provide irrigation to the new trees and shrubs.  Chairman Reisman said the Mayor told him he wants landscaping and sod around the pond.  He wants all the palmettos gone and the area opened up.  Chairman Reisman said perhaps we can come up with a plan to present to the Commission.  Bo Wroten asked who would come up with the plan.  Chairman Reisman questioned if it would be done by Public Works.  AM Dean said if it is small plan she could do it within the budget.  If the cost goes over a certain threshold, it would have to go out for bid.  That is why the plan from Tip Top that is currently underway was brought to this Board.  Chairman Reisman said he will see if the Mayor can come out to the airport and explain what he would like to see.

  • Airport badge machine

AM Dean said IT has a new machine on order that is compatible with the associated equipment.

  • Roof bid package update

AM Dean said there is no update on this project.

  • Tower Improvements

Chairman Reisman asked for an update on the tower improvements.  AM Dean said she is not sure what he is referring to.  Chairman Reisman said some of the controllers mentioned there were contractors doing work in the tower.  AM Dean said they were probably referring to the installation of new shades.  That work is done.

Chairman Reisman said Commissioner Jay Connell had asked about the airport budget.  AM Dean said she will have a meeting with the City Manager and then it will go before the Commission.  Chairman Reisman asked what projects are included.  AM Dean said there is nothing that has not been discussed with this Board at some point.  The capital improvements are:  Fuel Farm; Stormwater Drainage Issues; Finish Runway 4/22 Restriping; Fix miscellaneous taxilanes, including the design for the re-alignment of Delta. 

 New Business

There was no new business. 


Bo Wroten made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Byron Oldham and the meeting adjourned at 6:47pm.

Alan Reisman              

Pam Hester